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Terms and Conditions

All Customers undertaken by the Company is undertaken on the Terms and Conditions herein contained and any variations will only be binding on the parties hereto if such variation is in writing and signed on behalf of the Company by a Director of the Company.

By using and purchasing from our website, you agree to be bound by Kyman Ledtex Limited trading as Switch Live Terms and Conditions as stated below;

In these terms and conditions the following words shall have the following meanings. 'The Company', 'We', 'Us', 'Seller' or 'Organisation'; shall mean Kyman Ledtex Limited trading as Switch Live.

The 'Goods' shall mean the articles and services subject matter of the Contract between the Company and the Customer. The 'Customer', the 'Purchaser', 'Buyer' or 'You', shall mean the person, firm or company offering to purchase goods or service from the Company.

About Us
We are registered in England under Company number 05956223, with our registered office address at: Unit 4 The Crosshouse Centre, Crosshouse Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 5GZ. United Kingdom. Tel: 02380 632059.

Application of Terms
(a) All orders are accepted on these terms and conditions which supersede any other terms appearing elsewhere and exclude and override any other terms or representations stipulated or incorporated or referred to by or on behalf of the Company or the Customer, whether in the order or in any negotiations and any course of dealing established between the Company and the Customer. These conditions shall apply to all contracts of the Company for the sale of Goods. Unless expressly agreed in writing and signed by a director of the Company, these conditions shall prevail over any inconsistent terms, communications or form of contract and in the event of a Customer's order containing or being subject to terms and conditions at variance with these conditions, these conditions shall prevail.

(b) A quotation by the Company does not constitute an offer and the Company reserves the right to withdraw or revise any orders at any time prior to the Company's acceptance of the Customer's order.

(c) Each order or acceptance of a quotation for Goods by the Customer from the Company shall be deemed to be an offer by the Customer to buy Goods subject to these terms and conditions.

(d) No order placed by the Customer shall be deemed to be accepted by the Company until a written acknowledgement of order is used by the Company or the company delivers the Goods to the Customer.

(e) The Customer acknowledges that it has not relied on any statement, promises or representation made or given by or on behalf of the Company which is not set out in the Contract. Nothing in this condition shall exclude or limit the Company's liability for fraudulent misrepresentation.

(f) The Customer shall ensure that the terms of its order and any applicable specification are complete and accurate.

(g) Nothing in these conditions of sale shall affect the statutory rights of consumers.

Your status and registration
(a) You unfortunately will not be able to proceed with your order if you do not accept these terms and conditions as it may be modified or amended and posted from time to time.

(b) When registering on our site, you must choose a username and password that is exclusive to yourself. You are solely responsible for all actions taken under your chosen username and password. By registering on our site, you accept (i) that all the details you provide to us for the purpose of registering on the site and purchasing the Goods are true, accurate, current and complete and to inform us of any changes to the information provided at any time. (ii) you authorise us to use your personal information supplied on registration (including update information) to obtain information from third parties about you, including, but not limited to, credit reports and so that we may authenticate your identity.

(c) We reserve the right to terminate any contract formed with you to suspend or terminate your access to the site immediately and without notifying you if;

(i) you breach any of these terms and conditions (repeatedly or otherwise);

(ii) when requested by us to do so, when you fail to provide us with sufficient information to enable us to determine the accuracy and validity of any information supplied by you, or to identity; or

(iii) we suspect you have engaged, or about to engage, or have in anyway been involved in fraudulent or illegal activities on this site.

Contract Formation
(a) After an order has been placed, you will receive confirmation from us acknowledging that we have received your order. Please note, this does not necessarily mean your order has been accepted. Your order constitutes an offer to us to buy Goods. All orders are subject to acceptance by us. The Contract between us (Contract) will only be formed when we dispatch your items and when we send you an email confirmation of dispatch (Dispatch Confirmation).

(b) The Contract will only relate to the Goods we dispatch to you.

(c) You are responsible for ensuring the validity of the details provided by you during the order process.

(d) We reserve the right to cancel and fully refund any order which presents damaging conditions to the business. This includes invalid voucher codes or coding errors which result in incorrect pricing appearing on the site.

(e) You must check that all the details contained in the Dispatch Confirmation are correct.

(f) When orders are sent by email, fax, or post in confirmation of telephone instructions, the Buyer will ensure they are clearly marked as such, failing to do so, any additional expense incurred by the Company as a result of duplication of orders will be charged to the Buyer.

Consumer Rights
(a) You may cancel a Contract within the period of beginning of the day we dispatch the Goods (when the Contract is formed) and ending seven working days after the day on which you received the Goods. In this case, and in accordance with our returns policy you will receive a full refund of the price paid for the Goods, less any delivery charges and you will also be responsible for the cost of returning the Goods to us.

(b) You will not have the right to cancel a Contract of any Goods if;

(i) the Goods has been custom made to suit your specifications or;

(ii) which by reason of their nature cannot be returned

(c) The Customer shall ensure that the terms of its order and any applicable specification are complete and accurate.

(d) Nothing in these terms and conditions of sale shall affect the statutory rights of consumers.

(a) Unless otherwise agreed in writing the price for the Goods shall be as set out in the Company's price list in force at the time the Goods are dispatched. Any increases in price between the dates of the Goods are ordered and the date they are dispatched shall be for the account of the Customer. The amount of any such increases shall be notified to the Customer.

(b) The price together with all other costs and charges are exclusive of any Value Added Tax, duties and levies, which shall be payable by the Customer in addition to the price at the applicable rates.

(c) If the rate of VAT changes between the dates of the Goods are ordered and the date they are dispatched, we will adjust the VAT the Customer pay's, unless the Customer has already paid for the Goods in full before the change in VAT takes place. In the event that the Customer qualifies for free delivery, the Customer will not receive any refund for this service should a refund occur.

(d) Prices are liable to change at any time, but changes will not affect an order in respect of which we have already sent a Dispatch Confirmation.

(e) We have tried to ensure that all prices on our website are correct and up-to-date. However, we reserve the right to amend any prices that have not been listed correctly. Where Goods correct price is less than our stated price, we will charge the lower amount when dispatching the Goods to you. If the Goods correct price is higher than the price stated on our website, we will either contact you for instructions before dispatching the Goods, or decline your order and notify you of such action.

(f) If a pricing error is apparent and unmistakable and could have reasonably been recognised by you as an error, we do not have to provide the Goods to you at the incorrect (lower) price.

(g) The Company reserves the right to make a handling charge on any orders, the total invoice price of which (excluding VAT) is less than the Company's small order value as notified to the Customer from time to time.

(h) In the event of termination, variation or suspension of a Contract on the Buyer's instruction or by lack of instruction, the Contract price will be adjusted to reflect the additional costs incurred by the Company. Where a price per item has been quoted and the Buyer requires smaller number of quantity to be delivered than those quoted for, the Company reserves the right to adjust the rates of prices applicable thereto.

(a) The company may at its discretion establish a credit account for the Customer (subject to receipt of references or such other conditions as the Company sees fit). The Company shall be entitled to refuse to establish or to continue such as account without providing any reason. The company may at its own discretion vary the credit limit from to time.

(b) Payment for all Goods must be paid in full, by credit or debit card using our online payment provider World Pay or PayPal. Time for payment shall be of the essence and no payment shall be deemed to have been received until the Company has received cleared funds.

(c) Payment will be debited and cleared from your account before dispatch of the Goods you have ordered.

(d) By placing an order, you give permission to payment being charged to your credit or debit card account via our online World Pay or PayPal systems.

(e) When you pay for your order by any credit or debit card, we carry out certain checks which include obtaining authorisation from your card issuer to ensure you have sufficient funds and for security reasons. This may involve validating your name, address and other personal supplied by you during the order process against appropriate third party databases including the card issuer, registered credit reference agencies and fraud prevention agencies.

(f) By accepting these terms and conditions you;

(i) undertake that all the details you provide to us for the purpose of purchasing the Goods are correct and the payment card you are using is your own and that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of the Goods ordered; and

(ii) authorise is to transmit the payment and delivery information provided by you during the order process (included any updated information) for the purpose of obtaining authorisation from your card issuer to ensure you have adequate funds, to authenticate your identity, to validate your payment card and for other security reasons, such as fraud prevention.

(g) We shall contact you should any problems occur with the authorisation of your card by the way World Pay or PayPal decline your card at the time of payment process. In this case you will not have a confirmed purchase or order until this authorisation is cleared by other means you may have.

(h) Where the Contract is to be or may be fulfilled in separate instalments, deliveries of Goods, payment for each such instalment delivery will be made as if the constituted a separate Contract. Failure by the Buyer to pay for an instalment in accordance with this clause will entitle the Company without prejudice to its other rights and remedies to suspend further deliveries of Goods under any other Contract to the Buyer, pending payment by the Buyer.

(a) Unless otherwise agreed by the Company in writing, accounts are payable in full prior to delivery of the Goods taking place. If the buyer has exceeded any agreed Credit terms, the Company may demand immediate payment of all amounts outstanding from the Buyer to the Company on any account. The Company reserves the right to withdraw Credit at any time and demand immediate payment of all monies outstanding.

(b) The Company, at its discretion, shall be entitled to exercise its statutory right to claim interest under the late payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002, as modified or re-enacted from time to time. The Company may exercise this right, in addition to any other rights it may have in respect of Goods of non-payment.

(c) The buyer will indemnify the Company against all cost, losses and liability including but not limited to all legal expenses and disbursements incurred by the Company in recovering any amount which is overdue from the Buyer, pending payment by the Buyer.

(d) Any contract will be subject to the Company being satisfied as to the Buyer's credit worthiness and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing the Company may in its absolute discretion, having informed the Buyer that the Goods are ready for delivery, refrain from delivering the Goods until such time as the Buyer tenders the purchase money to the Company in a form satisfactory to the company.

(a) The company shall use reasonable commercial endeavour to deliver the orders in accordance with any dispatch date notified to the Customer and time of delivery shall not be of the essence. The company shall not be responsible for any delay by third party carriers.

(b) We use professional carriers who are expected to take care of our Goods. Nevertheless, you must (unless if it is unfeasible to do so) examine the Goods on arrival to confirm that they are in accordance with the Dispatch Confirmation and that they are undamaged. You may be asked for a signature on delivery to confirm that the Goods are in accordance with the Dispatch Confirmation and are undamaged.

(c) The Goods will be delivered to the address you provided during the order process.

(d) The risk in Goods delivered or supplied hereunder shall pass to the Customer when the Company delivers the Goods to the Customer.

(e) Ownership of the Goods will only pass to you when the Company has received cleared funds (all sums due in respect of the Goods, including delivery charges).

(f) The company shall not be liable for any business interruption, loss of production, loss of profits, contracts, goodwill or anticipated savings, loss arising from any third party claims or any special, indirect or consequential loss (whether or not foreseeable) howsoever suffered by the Customer caused directly or indirectly by any delay in delivery of the Goods (even if caused by the Company's negligence).

(g) If for any reason the Customer fails to accept delivery of any of the Goods when they are ready to delivery, or the Company is unable to deliver the Goods on time because the Customer has not provided appropriate instructions, documents, licences or authorisations;

(i) risk in Goods shall pass to the Customer (including for loss or damage caused by the Company's negligence); and

(ii) the Goods shall be deemed to have been delivered.

(iii) You will be liable for any re-delivery charges.

(h) Where transportation is arranged by the Company, delivery shall take place when the Company or its carrier or agent unloads the Goods at location specified by the Customer. Otherwise delivery shall take place when the Customer or its carrier or agent collects the Goods from the Company premises.

(i) The Customer shall provide the location specified for delivery and at its expense adequate and appropriate equipment and manual labour for unloading the Goods.

(j) If the Company delivers to the Customer a quantity of Goods of up to 3% more or less than the quantity accepted by the Company, the Customer shall not be entitled to object to or reject the Goods or any of them by reason of the surplus or shortfall and shall pay for such Goods at the pro rata Contract rate.

(k) Risk or loss or damage of any kind to the Goods (but not the title) shall pass to the Customer on delivery or, in the event that the Customer, its carrier or agent fail to collect the Goods on the due date for collection.

(l) Goods delivered in accordance with the Contract may not be returned without the Company's express written agreement and subject to the Customer reimbursing all the Company's costs relating to that Contract.

(m) If returned Goods had been correctly supplied, the Company may impose a restocking charge of 20% of the total invoice. You agree to pay this charge in accordance with our invoice for it immediately on demand. We may decide whether to issue a Credit Note, or refund, in our absolute discretion.

Delivery Outside Mainland UK
(a) We may, at our absolute discretion, accept orders for Goods from individuals located outside the United Kingdom and ship them to a destination in the European Economic Area, subject to reserving a right to amend to specifications or standards applicable to such Goods. If we accept your order, you will be liable to pay, in advance, for all and any additional costs that we incur in order to facilitate your order, such as (without limitation) extra shipping or postage costs.

(b) If we agree to supply and Goods ordered from the site for delivery outside the United Kingdom, there may be subject to import duties and/or additional taxes and you will be responsible for payment of any such duties and/or taxes. Please note, when shipping Goods internationally, you should be aware that cross-border shipments are subject to inspection by customs authorities and may be opened.

(c) You must comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the country for which the Goods are destined. We will not be liable for any breach by you of any such laws.

(a) The quantity of any consignment of Goods as recorded by the Company upon dispatch from the Company's place of business shall be conclusive evidence of the quantity received by the Customer on delivery unless the Customer can provide conclusive evidence proving the contrary.

(b) The company shall not have any liability for short delivery, loss or damage to Goods occurring prior to delivery or for nondelivery (even if caused by the Company's negligence) unless claims to that effect are notified verbally to the Company within 3 days of delivery and confirmed in writing to the Company within 7 days from delivery (in the case of loss or damage or short delivery) or within 7 days of the Company's invoice or advice note (in the case of non-delivery).

(c) Any liability of the Company for short delivery, loss or damage to Goods occurring prior to delivery or non-delivery of the Goods shall be limited to replacing the Goods within a reasonable time or issuing a Credit Note at the pro rata Contract rate against any invoice raised for such Goods, at the Company's discretion.

Warranty and Exclusion
(a) Where the Company is not the manufacturer of the Goods, the Company will use its reasonable endeavours to assign the benefit of any warranty or guarantee it receives from its supplier to the Customer. The Company accepts liability for any Goods sent for repair only while they are on the Company's premises or in transit under the Company's control.

(b) Where the Company is the manufacturer, or is deemed to be the manufacturer of the Goods, it warrants that the Goods shall at the time of delivery meet its written specifications in all material respects.

(c) Your rights under this warranty becomes invalid if any party other than the manufacturer or any repair service not designated by us modifies the Goods.

(d) The warranty will be void in respect of Goods if the Customer suffers or allows any person other than the Company or its authorised agents to repair, adjust or otherwise tamper with the Goods, or any alteration whatsoever has been made to the Goods otherwise than by the Company or its authorised agent, or if any device or controls are fitted to the Goods otherwise those approved by the Company, or the Customer has not complied with his duties hereunder.

(e) To the fullest extent permitted by Law, the Company shall not be liable for any business interruption, loss of production, loss of profit, contracts or goodwill, loss arising from any third party claims or any special, indirect or consequential loss (whether or not foreseeable) in respect of defects in the nature of or the quality of any Goods supplied by the Company whether or not caused by the negligence of the Company, its employees or agents.

(f) Nothing in these conditions shall exclude or limit the liability of the Company for;

(i) death or personal injury resulting from our negligence, or the negligence of your employees, agent or subcontractors (as applicable);

(ii) breach of the terms implied by section 12 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979;

(iii) defective Goods under the Consumer Protection Act 1987;

(iv) for any matter which it would be illegal for the Company to exclude or attempt to exclude its liability; or

(v) for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

(g) Save as expressly provided in these terms and conditions all terms, conditions, representations and warranties, (whether expressed or implied by Statue Common Law or otherwise) relating to the Sale of Goods are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by Law. The goods are not sold by description or sample.

(h) Subject to any of the limitations or exclusions of liability in these terms and conditions, the maximum aggregate liability of the Company, its employees and agents, for breach of any Contract and otherwise in connection with that Contract (including for any breach of any statutory duty and any tortious act or omission, including negligence) shall so far as permitted by Law be limited to the amount payable under the terms of the relevant Purchase Order or, if applicable, under the terms of the Contract.

Third Party Claims
(a) The Customer shall indemnify and hold harmless the Company against any liability, whether or not foreseeable and howsoever arising, including without limitation, in contract, tort or as a breach of statutory duty, including damages penalties costs and expenses incurred by the Company;

(i) as a result of incorporating property (including but not limited to the materials) in the Goods; or applying any patent, registered design, unregistered design, copyright, trademark, trade name or design to the Goods; in each case on the Customer's instructions, suggestions or specifications, or complying with any other instructions, suggestions or specifications of the Customer relating to the Goods; and

(ii) in relation to any third party claims arising from the use made of or dealings by the Customer in the Goods (irrespective of whether they involve the negligence of the Company, its agents or employees), except if arising from the Company's willful default.

(iii) the Customer shall notify the Company forthwith of any claim made or action brought or threatened alleging infringement of the rights of any third party. The Company shall have control over and shall conduct any such proceedings in such manner as it shall determine. The Customer shall provide all such reasonable assistance in connection therewith as the Company may request.

(a) There can be cancellation of an order by the Customer without the Company's written consent. On cancellation of an order or in the event of other default by the Customer, a cancellation charge will be levied to reflect the costs incurred by the Company prior to the date of cancellation. The Customer will indemnify the Company in respect of any third party claims arising out of the Customer's repudiation or suspension of any order or orders.

(b) Your right to cancel an order for Goods starts from the moment you place your order and end in 14 days from the day you receive your Goods.

Our Returns Policy Returns will be accepted in the following circumstances;
(a) The Goods must be returned as soon as practicable and, where possible, we ask you to also return their original packaging. In this case, we will refund the price of the Goods in full but you will be responsible for the cost of returning the item to us and if you return it at our expense, we are entitled to charge you such expense, which shall be a maximum charge payable by us to our courier.

(b) You must return the Goods to us in a re-sellable condition with the original packaging, and at your own cost and risk. You have a legal obligation to take reasonable care of the Goods while they are in your possession, until it reaches us. If you fail to comply with this obligation, we may have a right of action against you for compensation.

(c) For defective Goods, we will examine the returned Goods. Goods returned by you because of a defect not caused by you or your employee/s or agent (including a certified electrician or other installer) will be refunded in full, including a refund of the delivery charges for sending the item to you and the cost incurred by you in returning the item to us. If, after examination, we find the returned Goods to be defective due to a defect not caused by you or your employee/s or agent (including a certified electrician or other installer), we will notify you in relation to your refund via email within a reasonable period of time.

(d) We will process any refund due to you as soon as possible and, in any case, within 30 days of the day we confirmed to you via email that you were entitled to a refund for the defective Goods. We will refund any money received from you using the same method originally used by you to pay for your purchase. If upon return, the damaged Goods have been modified or have undergone any attempted installation, you may be responsible/reliable for any costs or return or redelivered Goods that is not in the condition previously stated.

(e) For Goods that are not defective or that you wish to return outside of the cooling off period, they must be returned to us within 14 days from the date of delivery. Goods must be returned to us, in unused condition and, where practicable, with original packaging, at your own cost, to reach us within the 14 day period.

(f) Applicable refunds will be made to the original payer for the Goods and if by credit or debit card, then to the card originally used or if by World Pay, to the card originally used.

(g) In addition, in certain circumstances, we offer extended guarantees in relation to a selection of Goods.

Promotional Voucher Codes
(a) Promotional voucher codes cannot be exchanged for cash.

(b) No liability will be accepted for the replacement or refund of lost, stolen or expired promotional voucher codes.

(c) Individual promotional voucher codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

(d) Only one promotional voucher code can be used per order.

(e) Promotional codes are not valid on bundle item goods.

(f) We reserve the right to refuse any application of promotions for any reason whatsoever.

Our Liability
(a) We warrant to you that any Goods purchased from us through our site is of satisfactory quality and reasonably fit for a majority of purposes for which Goods of that kind are commonly supplied.

(b) This shall only apply if you are contracting as a business and not as a consumer;

(i) we shall under no circumstances, be liable to you, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, for any loss of profit, or any indirect or consequential loss arising under or in connection with the Contract;

(ii) our total liability to you in respect of all other losses arising under or in connection with the Contract, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise shall in no circumstances exceed the price of the Goods you have purchased.

(c) If you intend to install the Goods you have purchased from us through a certified electrician and prior to the installation, you are aware of a defect or your certified electrician should reasonably be expected to discover and therefore become aware of any such defect upon inspection, then if the planned installation proceeds we will not be responsible for any costs of reinstallation, incurred by you or your employee or certified electrician, which you may subsequently claim to have been necessary as a result of the defect.

Descriptive Matter and Illustrations
(a) All descriptive and forwarding specification, drawings and particulars of weights and dimensions issued by the Company are approximate only and are intended only to present a general idea of the Goods described therein and nothing contained in any of them shall form part of any contract with the Company.

(b) All images of the Goods used on our website, may differ slightly from the Goods you receive. The images and Goods information provided are taken from the manufacturer and therefore we cannot be held responsible for any differences.

(c) The Company reserves the right, at any time, to vary technique, design, construction and specifications of Goods without notice. Such changes may result in slight variations in detail from the description or illustrations in Company literature which shall not entitle the Customer to rescind Contract.

Force Majeure
(a) The Company shall not be liable for any failure to comply with the Contract related to any circumstances whatsoever (whether or not involving the Company's negligence) which are beyond the Company's reasonable control and which prevent or restrict the Company from complying with the Contract including (without limiting the foregoing) acts of God, civil commotion, war, strikes, lock-outs, industrial action, shortage of supplies, breakdown, transport delays, accidents, government action, fire, explosion, flood, epidemic, terrorism or criminal acts.

(b) Impossibility of the use of railways, shipping craft, motor transport or other means of public or private transport.

(c) The Company may where reasonable in all the circumstances (whether or involving the Company's negligence) without liability suspend or terminate (in whole or in part) its obligations under the Contract, if the Company's ability to manufacture, supply, deliver or acquire materials for the production of the Goods by the Company's normal means in materially impaired.

(d) Inability to obtain or delay in obtaining supplies of adequate or suitable material, fuel parts, machinery or labour; labour disputes not including disputed involving the Company's work-force.

(a) Nothing in this Contract is intended to confer on any third party (whether referred to herein by name, class, description, or otherwise) any benefit or any right to enforce any provision contained in this Contract.

(b) Notices must be in writing to the Company's or the Customer's address and are deemed to be delivered on the first working day after sending by hand or (subject to confirmation of transmission) by telex or facsimile, or, within the UK, on the third working day after being placed prepaid in the first class post to the Customer's or the Company's U.K. address. Qualified acceptance by the Customer on delivery notes shall not constitute notice of any claim or acceptance by the Company of any such qualification.

(c) No waiver of these terms and conditions shall be valid unless agreed in writing by a director of the Company. Any delay or failure of the Company to insist upon the strict performance in any of these terms and conditions of the Contract shall not be construed as a waiver of any such terms or conditions and shall in no way affect the Company's right to enforce such provision later.

(d) If any provision of the Contract is found by any court, tribunal or administrative body of competent jurisdiction to be wholly or partly illegal, invalid, void, voidable, enforceable or unreasonable it shall to the extent of such illegality, invalidity, voidness, voidability, unenforceability or unreasonableness be deemed severable and the remaining provisions of the Contract and the remainder of such provision shall continue in full force and effect.

(e) The Contract may not be assigned by the Customer without the Company's prior written consent.

(f) No remedy conferred by any of the provisions of the Contract is intended to be exclusive of any other remedy, except as expressly provided in the Contract and each and every remedy shall be cumulative and shall be in addition to every other remedy given hereunder or now or hereafter existing in law or in equity or by statute or otherwise.

(g) We have the right to revise and amend these terms and conditions from time to time to reflect changes in the market conditions affecting our business, changes in technology, changes in payment methods, changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements and changes in our system's capabilities.

(h) It is forbidden for anyone to use any device or software program to directly or indirectly interface, or attempt to interface with this website, to retrieve content, and or any other data, including prices. It is also prohibited to interfere with the normal working of this website, any activity that we consider places unwarranted load or stress on our systems will be terminated. We constantly monitor everyone accessing our website, and any automated systems, or persons conducting an unreasonable amount of searches, with an aim to access information and/or prices will be terminated, and blocked from our website. Your use of the website indicates your agreement to be bound by these conditions of use.

(i) We advise that the Goods to be installed by a qualified electrician. We will not be liable for the improper installation of our Goods. Goods must only be installed in places and environments designated as suitable by the manufacturer.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction
The courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all claims or disputes arising to, out of or in connection with this Agreement and its use and there terms and conditions.

Limitation of Liability
(a) Your use of this site is at your sole risk. Under no circumstances, shall Kyman Ledtex Limited trading as Switch Live, it affiliates or any of their respective directors, officers, employees, or agents are liable for any direct or indirect losses or damages arising out of or in connection with your use of or inability to use this site or your reliance on any content. This limitation of liability applies to all losses and damages of any kind whatsoever, whether direct or indirect, general, special, incidental, consequential, exemplary or otherwise, including without limitation, loss of data, revenue or profits. This limitation of liability applies whether the alleged liability is based on contract, negligence, tort, strict liability or any other basis and even if an authorised representative of BD or its affiliates has been advised of our should have known of the possibility of such damages.

(b) We do not guarantee that the site will be secure or free from bugs or viruses and you should ensure that any device you use to access the site has an up-to-date anti-virus protection installed.

We will not be responsible for the compatibility of Goods brought from our website.

Changes in Terms
Kyman Ledtex Limited trading as Switch Live reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. Any modification of these terms will be deemed to be effective from the date and time of posting on the Kyman Ledtex Limited trading as Switch Live's website.